STEEL RAIN MC is a motorcycle club that exist to give back and assist the military and its veterans.

It is no surprise that military members thrive on camaraderie. But when a service member has expectations placed on them simply because they are in the Armed Forces. Who we ride with, who we hang around and who we develop associations with are subject to everyones scrutiny and rightfully so. So when several military members began this search for brotherhood and comaraderie, a choice was made. To ensure accountability of the Clubs lineage, its associations and ability enable its Founder to take accountability for the Clubs actions; an new Club would have to be formed….and STEEL RAIN MC was born. Steel Rain MCs membership is open to anyone with the same compassion for giving back and raising awareness for the need to provide continued care and support for our military and our Veterans.

Our Colors and what they mean to us:

Red – Represents the blood and fire necessary to push this country forward through the adversity and challenges of the past and those of the future. White – Represents purity, innocence, safety and perfection. These traits Parallel what this club stands for; working each day to improve the lives around us; making improvements for future generations. Blue – Represents the iron will of its membership, the confidence to stand up for what is right and support the decisions of the club and its leadership. Always paying tribute to those that have stood in the face of adversity.

STEEL RAIN MC does not claim territory, we wear a two piece back patch to show who we are and what we stand for (freedom and honoring those that have made the ultimate sacrifice). We are not here to piss anyone off or step on anyones toes, BUT WE ARE HERE.