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Who are we ?

STEEL RAIN Motorcycle Club began as most things do; simply with an idea. The thought of making a positive difference in our local communities is a powerful one. Several members of the Armed Forces got together to come up with a plan thought would put that “idea” into action. The name “STEEL RAIN” is a military term describing the accuracy and placement of the Army Field Artillery. We use this term to describe our goal…Impact Effectively! Impact Often!

What are we about ?

STEEL RAIN Motorcycle Club has one mission: improve the lives of those around us. In most occasions doing that takes money. We raise money by hosting benefit rides or events (such as Chops, Rods, and BBQ), the more we raise the more effective we become in accomplishing our mission. 

​Who do we support?

Our number one goal is assisting our local Veterans; whether it’s the Family Support Group of a local National Guard unit, the Veteran living alone in an assisted living facility, or the child without a toy to open for Christmas. If there is a need, we see it as a challenge to try and fill it.

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